The protection suits against dangerous dust and liquid chemicals are mainly made from 2 raw materials. First one is the SMS fabric. This material is the most breathability of Category 3 type CATEGORY 3 5/6. It meets the standard EN ISO 13982-1:2004 + A1:2010: Protection against hazardous dry particulates. The WeeCover (SMS suit) help to reduce the risk of heat stress.

The second one is the microporous film (WEEPRO suits). More liquid tight than the SMS fabrics, it provides the best protection against liquid splashes and infective agents. The low linting of
the fabric reduces the risk of fiber contamination to the work environment, such as paint industry and the clean room.​ For enhanced the particle protection, all the WeeSafe brand is made with a self-adhesive zip flap . The taped seams provide the higher level of protection against the fine dust.

Mainly using’s are against asbestos, fiberglass and resin. The Integral version (Integrated over boots or sock) is suitable for the nuclear protection, the laboratory and asbestos removal activities.