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Profession Sheets

Advice and product recommendations are essential in terms of Personal Protective Equipment.
To support your customer approach, we are launching  the «  job profiles » dedicated to short term protective clothing.

You can consult them in the Guide form*.
*To obtain the digitally Guide (exclusively dedicate to our retail parner), please send an email at us to contact@weesafe.Fr


Flyer Profession Sheet - Agri-food Industry

Flyer Profession Sheet - Oil Industry

Flyer Profession Sheet - Composites industries

Flyer Profession Sheet -Sanitation and treatment of wastewater

Flyer Professionnal Sheet - Paint industry

Flyer Profession Sheet - Asbestos Risks

Job Profil Document - Insulation Risks

Flyer - Plant health product risks - suitable protective coverall against chemical product

Profession Sheet : Chemical risks : Construction - public works

Flyer Professiion Sheet - Wood Industries

Flyer Profession Sheet - Mining Industries

Flyer Profession Sheet - Forensics

Flyer Profession Sheet - Nautical Industries

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